Physical Rehabilitation

We maintain your body’s thresholds by treating and decreasing the risk of injury and disease. When the body is weakened we know you want to get back to normal as soon as possible. We’ll help you recover and build up strength of affected areas to ensure a complete and effective recovery. Reach out to work with one of our regulated health professionals for an assessment and treatment plan.

Active Rehabilitation

Our active rehabilitation program is designed to develop a physical threshold to improve quality of human movement, living pain free while preventing future injury. We apply clinical exercises to properly address key areas of concern, while approaching the body as a sum of its parts.

In-Home Rehabilitation

We bring the clinic to you! Whether its convenience or comfort we want to help you bounce back to normal as our registered professionals deliver physical or active rehabilitation where you choose.

Online Rehabilitation

Our online training program offers a unique virtual experience. Each program is customized for your specific needs, so you can take charge of your own rehabilitation goals with some guidance from a professional. Perform these rehab programs anywhere; we design them to be performed with limited equipment. Our specialists will be there for you to answer any questions at any time. Access to pictures, videos, and video calling are also offered to ensure exercises are being performed to the highest quality.

Injury Prevention

Be proactive! Take the time to schedule a complete assessment, which will address your risk of injury. We will determine physical imbalances and educate you on the risks Involved. From there we implement the best program for you to improve imbalances and lower your risk of injury and pain.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

To ensure a quick recovery and limit the risk of complications, we prescribe exercises designed to strengthen muscles and structures involved in the surgery you are about to undergo. With this program you are taking steps to be proactive in your rehabilitation, bouncing back faster.

Rehabilitation Consultation

Suffered an injury or diagnosis and unsure what the next steps should be? Let one of our regulated health professionals provide a plan of action to best suit your needs. We sit down with you and explain all the options and provide a recommendation as to what steps you should take.

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