Personal Training

It is time for you to take control of your health and fitness. With some guidance we can help by giving you the insight and motivation to get you to where you want to be. We create a safe and positive environment for you to make those changes and achieve your goals. Our qualified and experienced professionals get to know you and work directly with you to develop attainable plans to reach short and long-term goals. Our holistic approach will ensure you build physical balance and decrease your risk of injury as you transform. Reach out when you’re ready!

Online & In-Home Training

We provide everything offered in Personal Training, but we take it a step further. We provide a safe and convenient atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. After determining your goals we bring the gym to you! We enhance your training program with a unique, customized virtual experience.

Whether you’re frequently on the go with work and need something to help you maintain your healthy active lifestyle, or you just don’t have time to make it to the gym, our programs are proven to keep you motivated to reach your goals. We design programs which can be performed anywhere with limited equipment. Our specialists will be there for you to answer any questions at any time.

Each program includes a month’s worth of sessions along with on demand service. Access to pictures, videos, and video calling are also offered to ensure exercises are being performed to the highest quality.

Older Adult Health and Wellness

We understand the aging process is inevitable but we can help you maintain mobility while living independently. You are taking charge to continue to build every component of your body’s thresholds to minimize age-related decline. Our main goal for this program is to maintain your independence, and enhance performance, while preventing injury and building strength. Whether in home or at one of our centres we develop programs to target various areas of the aging process, combating the decline, while building cognitive and physical thresholds.

Older Adult Falls Prevention Program and Assessments

With age our risk of a serious fall and injury are increased. This program was designed to assess your risk of falls, followed by a program developed to target areas which will decrease your risk of falls through targeting key areas associated with balance and mobility. We work with individuals as well as retirement communities.

Functional Group Training

Come together with like minded goal setters to create and reach new goals as a team. Holding each other accountable for the effort you put in.

Come take a look and join the one that suits you best. Custom designed for you.

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