Seminars and Presentations

We work with corporations to provide interactive and educational workshops and seminars to their employees, promoting wellness and safety. Topics are developed to align with your company’s values and goals, targeting health and wellness initiatives. We know how important each team member is to your company’s development and growth. Our goal is to provide practical information with relevant interventions to promote workplace health, wellness and safety.

Ergonomic Consulting

To ensure staff perform their duties of their job in a safe and effective manner, our specialized experts will assess the nature of the job and how each task is performed. From this we will determine a new approach and technique that will help to decrease the risk of injury, and missed days at work. Allow our experts to enhance workplace performance and productivity while decreasing the risk of injury. Together we can develop a program most suitable for your company’s needs.

WSIB/Return to Work

We understand the value you place in your team and the setbacks a workplace injury can have on your company. In the event of a workplace injury we offer rehabilitation programs that provide a functional approach and allow for a speedy recovery. Once your team member is able to return to work we design a plan that will allow for an easy transition back into their former position. We provide task progression to ensure physical progress and limit the risk of re-injury. We will perform a Functional Abilities Evaluation to determine an appropriate timeline for staff to return to work, along with a program which outlines the staffs limitations and abilities.

Lunch and Learn

These 30-60 minute presentations are designed to provide useful information to staff. Presentations are developed to address the improvement and awareness of health, wellness and safety within the company. These fun and interactive presentations help to boost morale and productivity within the workplace by enhancing workplace performance, limiting injury and time missed due to injury or wellness. We create a positive and safe environment to allow for an enjoyable learning and educative experience. Bring a lunch or a lunch can be provided.

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