Kinnected Chain was designed for you to run your own business without the stress of operating and managing your own space.

Our centre was designed as a one stop shop for everything health sciences related.

The space is ideal if you work as a: 

• Registered Kinesiologist

• Certified Personal Trainer

• Physiotherapist

• Chiropractor

• Massage Therapist

• Any other type of health sciences professional

What do we need from you?

•  A copy of your active registration

•  Proof of insurance

•  A photo and bio for our site (if you’d like)

What we provide you?

• A clean, safe, care-free, turnkey space for you to bring your clients

• Large open concept functional training studio perfect for private or group sessions

• Two private furnished clinical offices

• New business

• Access to a multi-disciplinary team

• Marketing / Exposure


Gym Rental Per Hour:

$20 + $5 per additional client, capped at $35

Clinical Office Rental Per Hour:


$100 / day

Clinical Office with Gym Rental Per Hour:

$30 + $5 per additional client, capped at $50

All above fees will be charged the standard 13% HST